Hipica La Granda

Horse riding in nature's paradise!

We cater for riders of all abilities, offering lessons and horse treks, as well as horse training, and veterinary services.


At Hipica La Granda we focus on developing autonomous riders, teaching them to competently handle horses and riding in open, unconfined spaces.

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We offer a variety of rides depending on your preferences and skill level. You can choose whether to ride to the coast or explore the routes towards the mountains.

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Horse Training

Hipica La Granda offers a service of training horses of all ages and levels of experience.

We train horses using the principals of natural horsemanship.

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Natural Horsemanship

Hipica La Granda follows the principals of natural horsemanship, an approach of using minimum force and avoiding fear and pain based methods in dealing with horses.

Riding in Asturias

Set between the mountains and the Cantabrian Sea of Western Asturias, you won’t find horse riding in a more varied and unexplored scenery.

Special Events

Occasionally we organise special events and excursions which are open to all. This also fosters friendships amongst those who like talking about horses.

Other Services

By providing the services of a veterinarian, a ferrier, and short and long term horse accommondation we aim to provide you with all your horses needs.