Facilities and Services

Our Facilities

Hipica La Granda is equipped with a sand track of 40 x 20 meters, as well as open fields suitable for riding practice, especially cross country riding.

There is a tack room and horse shower facilities.

Horse accommodation

For those who wish to own a horse but do not have the space, we can accommodate your animals. We have ample fields for the horses to enjoy life in natural surroundings, allowing them to relate to other horses. Owners who lack the time to regularly ride their horses and keep it exercised and trained, can also arrange for this through our riding centre.

We have a vet on site full time to keep the horses' vaccinations up-to-date and look after any other medical needs. A farrier can be provided. 

Give your horse a break

At times, your horse may also need a break from its life working or competing. We have plenty of fields for horses to rest and relax in natural surroundings and in the company of other horses. We have a full time vet on site. A farrier can be provided.

Dog and cat kennels

We have kennels on site.  Dogs have access to an outdoor communal space and are walked regularly. In the constant company and much of their time spent in nature, the animals have as much of a holiday as their owners!

We have a vet on site full time and groom dogs.

Veterinary Services

We have a fully qualified and equipped vet as our team who is available 24 hours. She has a wide range of experience including horses, cats and dogs.

Horse Services

  • Horse accommondation
  • Full time veterinary on site.
  • Dog and cat kennels and grooming service.