Our Horses


Nomo is an Asturcon, a local breed of ponies.

He is very good natured and obedient, ideal for younger children and especially beginners.


Nela is a our other pony and smaller than her good friend of Nomo. She has a delightful character.

She is ideal for the youngest riders and beginners.


Altai is a Haflinger, a breed of small horses from Austria and Northern Italy. Bred as working horse, a Haflinger is very strong and reliable.

Altai is an ideal horse for older children and beginning adults.


Monty is a medium-sized horse and a good all-rounder willing to work and does not fright.

He is a comfortable rider for older children and adults.


Sinxan is a large pony. She is young and energetic so despite her smaller size she will not be left behind!

Suitable for older children and beginning adults.


Gadea is athletic and participates in endurance races. She likes to go on the treks.

She is suitable for intermediate riders.


Kalua is a Spanish/Arab and English cross. She is young, sporty and energetic, but very well trained and with a conscientious character.

She suits somebody with some riding knowledge who is looking to experience riding a horse that has real power and elegance.


Chance is a rescue horse from France. He is a Troton Françis - a powerful and agil horse often used for jumping. He is the largest of our horses.

He is suitable for for adults with some riding experience.


Banzado is a Spanish Arab cross-breed with a bold temperament, willing to run.

He is suitable for experienced riders

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