At Hipica La Granda we focus on developing autonomous riders, teaching them to competently handle horses and riding in open, unconfined spaces. The school is equipped with a sand track of 40 x 20 meters, as well as open fields suitable for riding practice, especially cross country riding. There is a tack room and horse shower facilities. 

We have horses and ponies to match all riders’ experience and confidence. Our horses are ridden and trained regularly and can be led and handled by children and beginners.  The horses are confident and calm, and will not shy from traffic.

Lessons are one hour and conclude with a short trek of 10-15 minutes.  Riders learn to lead horses, as well as how to tack and saddle.

Riders should wear comfortable clothing and sensible footwear. Safety helmets are provided free of charge.


Beginners lessons emphasise the rider developing a sense of balance on a moving horse, sitting confidently in the saddle without depending on the reins or stirrups.

These lessons take place in the safe environment of the sand track.

Moving on ...

Once basic horse riding skills are developed, the rider learns to have full control of a horse in a walk, trot and canter.

As riders develop in confidence, they leave the confines of the sand track, riding increasingly in the natural environment of fields and woodlands as part of the skills practice. This develops early confidence of the rider to move freely with a horse out of doors.

Advanced Riders

At a more advanced stage, teaching focuses on the relationship and communication between rider and horse. The rider learns how to gain natural leadership of the horse. As this relationship of trust develops, the rider can experience how they can communicate with their horse and even cross obstacles without a saddle or bridle.

Trouble Shooting

At times, riders wish to work on a specific aspect of their riding, such as their leadership skills. We can help you identify areas of improvement and help you improve them.

At times even advanced riders lose confidence, especially after a bad fall. We can help such riders get back into the saddle, beginning with extensive groundwork and building trusting relationships between the horse and the human. When the riders are ready to get back on the horse, they often continue the sport with a new passion.

Horse Loan

If you enjoy riding but do not want the commitment of horse ownership, you can loan one of our horses. You can rent a horse for a month, or on a permanent basis. This allows you to treat the horse as your own and ride it as much as you like.

Lesson Details

  • Lessons for all levels.
  • Lesson duration is one hour.
  • 1 lesson: €15
  • 4 lessons: €50
  • Small group sizes.
  • Helmets provided.