Natural Horsemanship

At Hipica La Granda we believe in keeping horses in a way that mirrors their natural habitat and avoiding the use of fear and pain-based methods.

We therefore follow the principals of Natural Horsemanship, which is an approach to dealing with horses in a communicative manner, based on observations of the way in which wild horses interact and behave in their herds.

Some well-known practitioners of natural horsemanship in the late twentieth century include: Chico Ramirez, Tom and Bill Dorrance, Ray Hunt, Buck Brannaman, Monty Roberts, and Pat Parelli.

When they are not being ridden, our horses live in a herd in fields and woodlands. They are free to move and interact with other horses, as is their nature. This keeps them happy and socialised.

The manner in which we keep and treat our horses means that they are cooperative and willing, which makes your riding experience more fun and rewarding.