Riding in Asturias

The province of Asturias is known as nature's paradise. Located on the Atlantic coast of Spain, it has a rugged coastline of cliffs interspersed with hundreds of sandy, clean beaches and alcoves. Extending right from the sea, there are the Cantabrian Mountains, a 300 km long mountain range with peaks of up to 2,648 meters.

Thanks to this unique geography, Asturias has unrivaled natural landscapes and wildlife. The climate is humid and temperate, so there are dense woodlands which higher up give way to rocky scrubland. It is one of the few regions left in Europe where there are significant populations of brown bears and wolves.

This feeling of being in a remote and unspoilt landscape is especially present in the West of Asturias. Until recently, it was poorly connected to the rest of the country and the population was largely dependent on small-scale agriculture and fishing.

In this context, you won't find horse riding in a more varied and unexplored scenery. We are located less than 2km from the coast but in the foothills of the mountains, so we offer many spectacular rides.

You can ride along the beach in the morning and by the afternoon through the mountains.