Our Team

Hipica la Granda opened in summer 2012, aiming to create a familiar and friendly environment for riding.

We are located in Villargomil, about seven kilometers from the harbour town of Tapia de Casariego. Our region has an extensive network of beautiful pathways that can the explored on horseback.


Noel teaches riding and offers guided routes, and initiates and trains horses according to the principals of Natural Horsemanship.

His passion for riding began at and early age and he has travelled widely to gain experience working with horses, especially in Catalonia - a Spanish region well known for riding.

In his free time he enjoys participating in Endurance races with his horses 'Luna' and 'Gadea'.


Nuria is a vet specialising in horses, but also with extensive experience of cats and dogs.

She enjoys travelling and her university studies took her to Paris and Switzerland.

She is in charge of the clinic, and also the kennels for cats and dogs, also located in the riding centre.

Ambos somos un equipo con la idea y la ilusión que todo el mundo pueda disfrutar de este bello deporte que es la equitación.