We offer a variety of rides depending on your preferences and skill level. You can choose whether to ride to the coast or explore the routes towards the mountains.

Our horses and ponies are well trained and do not shy. Young children are accompanied by a leader with a lead rein attached to the bridle, whilst others in the group have control of the horses. Trecks typically last one and a half hours, so you will have enough time to get to know your horse.

Riders need to wear comfortable clothing and sensible, closed shoes. Safety helmets are provided free of charge. The cost of a trek is €20 per person in July/August and €15 per person for the rest of the year.

Examples of popular treks are:

Porcia Beach - 1 hour

Ride through woodland and fields to reach the village 'Rio de Porcia'. Cross an ancient stone bridge over the River of Porcia and follow the river through woodland until it reaches the coast and the beach of Porcia.

La Roda village - 1 hour

Ride uphill along bridleways that run along woodland and fields to reach the small village of la Roda. Here you can enjoy the stunning views of the coastline below and maybe stop for a drink in the local bar.

Pico Faro - 1½ hours

Adult groups and experienced riders may wish to extend the ride to La Roda village and continue along mountain routes and rougher terrain to the 'Pico Faro'. The 'Pico Faro' is a mountain peak from where you can see the coastline on one side, and the mountain range of 'Bobia' towards the other.

Advanced treks

More experienced and enthusiastic riders can ask for longer, more challenging treks that involve trotting and cantering. We can also arrange for two-day treks that include an overnight stay, either camping or a hotel.

Please ask for more information.

Trek Details

  • Treks last an hour and half.
  • July/August: €20 per person.
  • Rest of year: €15 per person.
  • Helmets provided.